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Arts and Education 
Identificative data of the program
Arts and Education 
Areas of the program
Social Sciences 
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Fernando Hernández Hernández 
Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty/Registering Centre
  Faculty of Fine Arts
  Faculty of Education

General objectives of the program
The fundamental objective of the program is to provide advanced training in research of a constructionist nature in fields related to the Arts and Education.
As the program is founded upon lines of research linked to proven research groups and current research projects, goals deriving from those of the said research groups and projects will be secondary aims of the program.
Thus, the lines of research in the program include the following specific objectives.

The specific objectives of the doctoral program are:
To share knowledge, methodologies and research methods linked to the lines of research in the program, in such a way that students can carry out their own thesis projects and form part of a research community.
To participate in an environment favouring debate about the epistemological and methodological issues in the research projects linked to the preparation of students' doctoral theses.
To construct research projects able to contribute to the rethinking of education in and through the arts on the basis of a critical understanding of artistic discourse in the context of cultural and educational institutions (schools, universities, museums, etc.) and the community.
To build links with Spanish and international networks and research groups working in a similar way to the lines of research pursued by the teaching staff on the program, in order to foster student mobility and the carrying out of research projects in a European and international context.
Specific requirements and criteria for admission to the doctoral program and applicant merit rating
Having successfully completed the required master in Visual Arts and Education: a Constructionist Focus (research specialisation).
Having successfully completed another EHEA master's degree. In deciding whether to admit these students consideration will be given to whether the studies they have completed are similar or in related fields and to the student's interest in carrying out research in one of the areas offered in the doctoral program.
In this case the Studies Committee will assess the appropriateness of the training and decide whether additional credits should be studied.
Assessment of merits: curriculum vitae and academic transcript of the courses completed.
Offered research lines

Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació Imatge de diagramació
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