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Identificative data of the program
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Lluís Mañosa Carrera 
Faculty of Physics

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  Faculty of Physics

General objectives of the program
The doctoral program in Physics at the University of Barcelona comprises six research lines originating from the four doctoral programs which were delivered by the Faculty of Physics until the academic year 2006-2007, and which were all recipients of quality awards from the Ministry of Education and Science (MCD2003'00363, MCD2004'00178, MCD2004'00190 and MCD2004'00389). Since the beginning of that year, these four programs have been incorporated into a single doctoral program within the faculty's official postgraduate program (MCD 2006'00325).

The overall objectives of this program are to provide specialist training for researchers in the areas of physics and advanced technologies that are addressed in the faculty's research activities. In these areas, the mission of the present program is to prepare professionals with specialist research skills including abilities in the management, design and development of research programmes which are competitive at an international level.

The program aims to meet the needs of a wide range of university-qualified applicants who come from the fields of science and engineering and who are interested in pursuing one of the many professional careers to be found in both public and private research sectors, in the fields of astrophysics, meteorology, particle physics and gravitation, condensed matter physics, applied physics, photonics, electronic materials and micro- and nanotechnologies, and instrumentation and communications systems.
Specific requirements and criteria for admission to the doctoral program and applicant merit rating
The body responsible for admission to the research period of the program is the Studies Committee for the program. The specific requirements for admission to the research period are to have successfully completed 60 ECTS credits on one of the master's programs included in the training period for this doctoral program.

The Studies Committee for this doctoral program may also admit students whose previous studies are not those of the training period. In deciding whether to admit these students consideration will be given to whether the studies they have completed are similar or in related fields and to the student's interest in carrying out research in one of the areas offered in the doctoral program.

In both cases, to be admitted students must have successfully completed a minimum of 300 ECTS credits, between their bachelor's and master's degree studies. The Studies Committee for the doctoral program will study and decide on applications for admission to the program depending on the training completed, its appropriateness to the lines of research in the program and the candidate's academic transcript.
Offered research lines

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