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Teaching of Language and Literature 
Identificative data of the program
Teaching of Language and Literature 
Areas of the program
Social Sciences 
Maximum number of students
URL of the program
Joan Tomàs Pujolà Font 
Faculty of Education
93 40 350 71 
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Faculty/Registering Centre
  Faculty of Philology and Communication
  Faculty of Education

General objectives of the program
To provide students with the basic concepts and research methodologies used in language and literature teaching.
To qualify students to design, develop and assess - both individually and as a team - research projects in this area.
To transfer the results to teaching practice, so that they, as teacher-researchers, can act as the driving force for the necessary improvements in language and literature teaching/learning processes, in all different levels and educational environments.
Specific requirements and criteria for admission to the doctoral program and applicant merit rating
For admission to the research period of this doctoral program, the coordinating committee will consider the appropriateness of previous bachelor's and postgraduate studies and the candidate's personal and professional background. The selection criteria will be as follows, in order of preference:

a) Being in possession of the master's degree in Language and Literature Teaching (UB) or Training Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language (research version) (UB), or having completed the DEA (diploma of advanced studies) in the UB doctoral program on 'Teaching Language and Literature' without having entered a doctoral thesis.
b) Being in possession of a master's degree from a program with similar content.
c) Professional experience in the field of the program.
d) Academic transcript from the completed master's degree.
e) Research experience (participation in projects, publications, etc.).
f) Proof of level in third languages.

In the case of candidates coming from master's programs other than those which officially lead to this doctoral program, the student must (depending on their previous studies and proven professional experience) complete a number of obligatory courses from the master's program in research into Language and Literature Teaching before submitting a thesis proposal (minimum 10 credits, maximum 20 credits), from among the following obligatory subjects on the master's program in research in Language and Literature Teaching (all four courses are timetabled in the first semesterof the academic year):

562895 Introduction tothe methodology of ethnographic research (5 credits)
562894 Introduction to research methods in language and literature teaching (5 credits)
562896 Analysis of language teachers' and learners' discourse (5 credits)
562897 Literary education: approaches to teaching and research (5 credits)
Offered research lines

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