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Educational Psychology 
Identificative data of the program
Educational Psychology 
Areas of the program
Health Sciences
Social Sciences 
Maximum number of students
URL of the program
Cesar Coll Salvador 
Faculty of Psychology

Faculty/Registering Centre
  Faculty of Psychology

General objectives of the program
1. To offer a quality doctoral program with a coherent epistemological, conceptual and methodological approach focusing on knowledge and research in the field of educational processes in diverse contexts and scenarios.

2. To offer a broad range of research areas with the support of leading Catalan research groups. Students will be given the opportunity to pursue their own research projects and doctoral theses in a highly specialised environment with a guarantee of expert guidance and supervision.

3. To make full use of the intellectual and material resources of the participating research groups to offer students a range of complementary information and training services that will contribute to their intellectual and practical training in educational psychology.

4. To enter into collaboration and knowledge exchange agreements with participating universities and research groups to consolidate the development and dissemination of the various lines of research offered to students of the DIPE.
Specific requirements and criteria for admission to the doctoral program and applicant merit rating
For admission to the research period of the doctoral program, the students must have completed the necessary credits according to the study plan of the Interuniversity program of Master's Degree in Educational Psychology - MIPE.
20 credits corresponding to the mandatory modules of the MIPE
20 credits corresponding to the Practicum module of the MIPE
20 credits corresponding to the optional modules of the MIPE with an orientation towards research training

The committee of the doctoral program may authorize admission to the research period to students who have not completed the master's course constituting the period of course studies of the program, through analysis and valuation of previous academic training and professional experience of psychology and education, if they also comply with the general admission requirements for the doctoral program. In these cases, students may be required to complete bridging credits included in the study plan of the MIPE.
Offered research lines

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