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Advanced Studies in Catalan Language and Literature 
Identificative data of the program
Advanced Studies in Catalan Language and Literature 
Areas of the program
Social Sciences 
Maximum number of students
Lluís Cifuentes Comamala 
Faculty of Philology and Communication
93 403 56 29 
93 403 56 98 

Faculty/Registering Centre
  Faculty of Philology and Communication

General objectives of the program
The general objective of Advanced Studies in Catalan Language and Literature is to offers students a high-level training in the following areas:

1. In-depth knowledge of different aspects of the structure and use of Catalan in relation to the phenomenon of linguistic variation.

2. In-depth knowledge of different aspects (historical and critical) associated with authors and periods in the history of Catalan literature.

3. The use of the right methodology for each type of study.

4. The ability to critically assess ideas and texts, and skill in passing on the knowledge so gained.
Specific requirements and criteria for admission to the doctoral program and applicant merit rating
The Studies Committee may admit students who come from university master's courses other than those which officially lead to this doctoral program. In deciding whether to admit these students consideration will be given to whether the studies they have completed are similar or in related fields and to the student's interest in carrying out research in one of the areas offered in the doctoral program.

Assessment of merits: curriculum vitae and academic transcript of the courses completed.
Offered research lines

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