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Identificative data of the program
Areas of the program
Health Sciences
Social Sciences
Life Sciences 
Maximum number of students
URL of the program
Jordi Ocaña Rebull 
Faculty of Biology

Faculty/Registering Centre
  Faculty of Biology
  Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
  SED - Campus Clínic
  Faculty of Economics and Business

General objectives of the program
The central aim of the doctoral program in Statistics is to train competent researchers in the theoretical and computational basis
and advanced applications of statistics. The origins of statistics themselves and the multitude of fields of knowledge and application in which they have played a major role, both now and
traditionally, have made this a discipline of a highly transversal,
interdisciplinary nature. Thus, statistical research can be conducted from many starting points: applied to industry and
services, as a language and a tool for analysis in other scientific disciplines, as a process for developing new methods
of analysis and implementing them, and as a field of theoretical research in which all the branches of mathematics and the philosophy of science
come together.

The doctoral program in Statistics sets out to respond to the interdisciplinary nature mentioned above. It was designed for the
purpose of fostering the preparation of doctoral theses from one or more of the above-mentioned research standpoints, under the
supervision of researchers in one or more of the lines of research which make up the program, or jointly supervised with researchers from lines of
research on other programs.

The specific aims of the doctoral program are as follows:

To train researchers who are experts in the theoretical basis and application of one of the lines of research linked to the program.

To train professional statisticians able to join fundamental and applied research teams.

To train professional statisticians able to join company teams.

To train statisticians who wish to pursue an academic career as lecturers in statistics, with a sound mathematical and statistical grounding
and a multidisciplinary approach which equips them to undertake the teaching of statistics in a range of subject areas.
Specific requirements and criteria for admission to the doctoral program and applicant merit rating
The Studies Committee may admit students who come from university master's courses other than those which officially lead to this doctoral program. In deciding whether to admit these students consideration will be given to whether the studies they have completed are similar or in related fields and to the student's interest in carrying out research in one of the areas offered in the doctoral program. In this case the studies commission may decide that students must complete specific bridging courses if necessary, to be studied within the university master's programs which make up the training period.

The following will be taken into consideration as merits for admission to the program
Previous qualifications and the academic transcript for degrees completed
Having carried out supplementary activities such as projects, periods at other universities, cooperation in research, placements in companies, outside training or statistical consultation
Knowledge of languages
Offered research lines

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