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Brain, Cognition and Behaviour 
Identificative data of the program
Brain, Cognition and Behaviour 
Areas of the program
Health Sciences
Social Sciences 
Maximum number of students
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Joan Lopez Moliner 
Faculty of Psychology

Faculty/Registering Centre
  SED - Campus Clínic
  Faculty of Psychology

Specific requirements and criteria for admission to the doctoral program and applicant merit rating
The Academic Committee has established the following specific requirements:
a) Candidates must have completed 20 ECTS credits for research and have obtained the Spanish advanced studies diploma (Diploma de Estudios Avanzados, DEA). Candidates from education systems outside the EHEA must demonstrate that they have acquired similar research experience, for example, through the completion of a research-based master's degree dissertation.

b) Candidates must provide official certification of English language proficiency at level B1, or preferably level B2 or higher.

Candidate selection and admission criteria

The Academic Committee will assess each candidate on the basis of the following criteria:

1. Qualification used for admission (maximum 2 points)

a) Master's degree in Research in Behaviour and Cognition from the University of Barcelona (2 points).

b) Master's degrees in related disciplines, depending on the specific content and its compatibility with the research areas covered by the doctoral programme (0-2 points).

2. Grade point average for the bachelor's and master's degrees, assessed on a scale of 0 to 4. Correction factors will be applied to qualifications from other countries, as stipulated in ANECA regulations (maximum 2 points).

3. Research experience, assessed on the basis of the candidate's publication record (maximum 2 points).

4. Statement of interest, research proposal or letters of recommendation (maximum 2 points).

5. Level of English (B1 = 0, B2 = 0.5, C1 = 1 point)

6. Spanish language skills at level B1 (1 point).
Offered research lines
101131 Organizational and social behaviour
101129 Development and ageing
101128 Cognitive, computational and neural function
101130 Emerging methods and technologies in cognitive neuroscience
101127 Personality, crime and clinical intervention

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