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Ecology, Environmental Sciences and Plant Physiology 
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Ecology, Environmental Sciences and Plant Physiology 
Areas of the program
Life Sciences 
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Teresa Elena Vegas Vilarrubia 
Faculty of Biology
93 4031376 

Faculty/Registering Centre
  Faculty of Biology

Specific requirements and criteria for admission to the doctoral program and applicant merit rating
The academic committee has set the following specific admission requirements for the standard admission pathways.

Recommended applicant profile:

1. Applicants should have completed a university master's degree in a scientific area related to ecology, environmental sciences or plant physiology.

2. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the area of study, applications will be accepted from candidates in possession of a university master's degree issued by a university in the EHEA framework in areas different to those listed in point 1. In such cases, the Academic Committee will assess whether the degree provides a comparable level of study and a sufficient degree of research training. In addition, the Committee will assess the compatibility of the candidate's curriculum vitae with the general content and specific research areas covered by the doctoral programme.

3. Candidates in possession of a master's degree issued outside the EHEA framework, the Academic Committee will assess whether the content is compatible with the content of the doctoral programme and provides suitable preparation.

4. English language proficiency (at B1 CEFR or equivalent), to develop the necessary competences.

The Academic Committee assesses candidates on the basis of the following system:

1. The compatibility between the candidate's qualifications (bachelor's degree and master's degree or equivalent) and the content of the doctoral programme. Maximum 3 points.

2. The academic record for previous qualifications (bachelor's degree and master's degree or equivalent), taking into account the grade point average. Correction factors will be applied to qualifications issued outside Spain, as provided for in the regulations of the ANECA programme. Maximum 2 points.

3. Possession of a research grant or contract. Maximum 3 points.

4. Other skills and abilities related to the proposed research project (for example, diving certification). Maximum 2 points.
Offered research lines
101189 Population ecology and community ecology
101188 Ecology of continental aquatic systems
101186 Marine ecology
101187 Terrestrial ecology
101190 Plant environmental physiology
101185 Environmental management and restoration

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