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Clinical Health Psychology 
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Clinical Health Psychology 
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Health Sciences
Social Sciences 
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José Gutierrez Maldonado 
Faculty of Psychology

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  SED - Campus Clínic
  Faculty of Psychology

Specific requirements and criteria for admission to the doctoral program and applicant merit rating
The Academic Committee has set the following specific admission requirements for the standard admission pathways:

1. Candidates must hold one of the following qualifications:

a) University master's degree in Clinical Health Psychology from the UB or a university master's degree in General Health Psychology. In the first case, the student must have followed the research pathway: option = com_content & task = view & id = 53 & Itemid = 49

In the second case, the student must have carried out the corresponding master's degree final project as an empirical research assignment:

b) A master's degree issued by a higher education institution in the European Higher Education Area, of the same academic level and offering equivalent research training to the master's degrees indicated above, at the discretion of the Academic Committee.

c) A degree issued by a higher education institution outside the European Higher Education Area framework, which does not have to be officially recognized but which proves that the holder has a level of education equivalent to the master's degrees listed in Section a).

2) Knowledge of English. Candidates must provide official certification of English language proficiency (at level B1 CEFR or higher). If this is not possible, a representative designed by the Academic Committee will assess the candidate's English language skills in a personal interview.

Candidate evaluation criteria

The academic committee will give priority to applications from candidates who meet the specific requirements and hold one of the UB university master's degrees listed below: University master's degree in Clinical Health Psychology. University master's degree in General Health Psychology.

The Committee will also consider the following aspects, which are prioritized according to the weighting shown:

1) Academic record and other academic merits. In particular, the Committee will consider whether the candidate has sufficient training to begin a thesis in an area related to clinical health psychology. If the applicant does not hold a master's degree from the UB, admission will depend particularly on the following aspects: a) English-language tuition, and b) quality indicators for the master's degree and the university at which it was taken. Weighting: 50%

2) Curriculum vitae. Credit will be given for previous knowledge of the topics covered by the doctoral programme. Credit will be given for teaching experience and professional experience in this field. Certified English language skills will be taken into consideration. Weighting: 30%

3) Statement of interest. The statement of interest must clearly indicate the candidate's reasons for applying to the doctoral programme in Clinical and Health Psychology. Credit will be given to candidates who present research proposals or highlight areas of interest in which they wish to work in the future. Credit will also be given for a particular interest in the research activities carried out by staff assigned to the doctoral programme. To clarify the reasons given in the statement of interest, some candidates may be asked to attend a personal interview. Weighting: 15%

4) Letters of recommendation. These may be written by former lecturers or people who have had a professional or academic relationship with the candidate.Letters of recommendation must refer to the candidate's previous training, analytical skills and general motivation for learning. Weighting: 5%
Offered research lines
101288 Clinical psychological assessment and statistical techniques
101287 Psychobiology and basic processes
101286 Psychopathology, personality and intervention

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